Combating on and off burnout over the last 10 years, I am passionate about helping other business owners, creatives + entrepreneurs learn to build a business that sustains them, not drains them. I am here to help the driven build their dreams, earn an income and inspire others to keep going even when the going gets tough. I want those in the trenches to know that they're not alone. If we learn to embrace the process, we’ll enjoy the journey.…Here's to creating something that lasts. Cheers!

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i am helping the driven build their dreams

hey, Hey! i'm lindsey Plevyak

A Baltimore Native living in Nashville, a wife and a dog momma to two rescue pups. I'’ve spent the last decade building multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, but I’'ll never forget my roots & where I came from...



Even when life gets really hard you can still make incredible things


this is the unshakeable pursuit of a life lived fully⚡️

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I wanted to create a space to talk frankly to those who are very much in the process of what they are creating… Not starting out and have, by no means, “arrived.” Truly in the trenches of building something and all that it entails. When you tune in, you will be refreshed in hearing tips on how to stay committed when it gets hard, overcoming adversity, a whole lot of storytelling through experience and of course, the laughs & humor. 

Trust your hard work
trust your dream

The Podcast


Cheers to the process & The Grit it takes to keep on going

there's a resilience story
within all of us

We are fueled by the power of grit: strength of character, tenacity, and mental fortitude. We keep going when it gets tough. We rest. We don't quit. We help the driven build their dream in the unshakeable pursuit of a life fully lived.


you are allowed to take up space


This is a movement based on changing the meaning of what it means to create success. We are committed to creating results through consistency, commitment, intention, and, sustainability. Our mission: restore the dignity of hard work, while valuing system's that support sustainable success.

Grit culture stories

erika b.

I love what we have in Grit Culture. We have a space for leaders to rise and be seen. We truly celebrate each other. We work hard while maintaining boundaries around our rest. It's not just about the top leaders, but about the team as a whole.

a space for leaders to rise
And be seen


lauren a.

"I love that this is a space where creativity and trying new things new ways is valued. It’s not simply focused on plugging every person into one set system where everyone has to do things an exact way. We have strong support and systems, but also freedom to do this with our unique gifts and strengths we bring to the table  true to us and our unique voices. I think that's when this business model is the most powerful, because of that ownership we have here!!"

we have freedom to do this
With our unique gifts and strengths


lauren a.

"Grit is the team that I have always hoped to be a part of to help change the cultural stigmas with network marketing. This business structure is like no other, the opportunity available for such low start up cost with no growth cap…really hard to find anywhere else. And Grit is making a way for everyone to see a better way to work this biz structure. Pioneering a different way, one that places value on those not yet in this business with us but also on those in the business. To allow them to know they are valued beyond a rank up or the quick sale. Helping our customers & our teams truly know their value & believe in themselves again. All working together to change the culture of network marketing to be the best it’s ever been!"

grit is the team i have always
hoped to be a part of...




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Putting yourself out there can be scary. Starting something new can be intimidating. I get it. I've been there. I believe that you have a message inside of you and you were destined to share it.  I have 7 tips to help you create and launch your podcast that you don't want to miss. 

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Join me and thousands of others and start designing your life. I’'ve grown an organization of over 20,000 people and mentored countless women in building their own online businesses. We at Grit are committed to teach women how to build sustainable success. Partner with us today and let's make your dreams a reality.

Your life can be built by you.
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reclaim your power. you are the magic.

If there is a will, there's a way. Even when life gets really hard you can still make incredible things. You are not your circumstances or what you've been through.