I'm Lindsey Plevyak.
A creative, entrepreneur, mentor, and strategist. My mission is to help you create a life fully lived.

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I'’m Lindsey Plevyak. I'm a Baltimore Native living in Nashville, a wife and a dog momma to two rescue pups. I'’ve spent the last decade building multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, but I’'ll never forget my roots & where I came from. Combating on and off burnout, I am passionate about helping other business owners, creatives + entrepreneurs learn to build a career that sustains them, not drains them.

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i am on a mission to
Help the driven build
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nothing changes
if nothing changes

Hailing from Baltimore MD, grit, resiliency  are in my blood. 4.5 years ago I was a full time photographer contracted by major artists, brands, businesses and influencers to bring their brand and visuals to life. Despite having an incredibly successful career, 2 things were certain: 1. I was majorly burned out, and 2. That I was living behind the scenes of my own life. I knew something needed to change, but I didn't know what to do. I was able to create an online business that changed the game forever, it allowed me to create the life I had always wanted, WHILE allowing myself the time & space to heal, to now create again. I want other ambitious and driven women to know that they can create the lives they desire for themselves, while also LIVING. I want to restore the fractured idea of success via striving, burnout, exhaustion…. I want to restore creativity, the power of hard work, coupled with true rest, and learning contentment along the way. …I truly believe my story is a story of hope for many, and my mission is continue to inspire those, as we go. 

there are no guarantees. but,
opportunity is on the other side of your
Dare to say "yes"




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Grit Culture is a movement based on changing the meaning of what it means to create success and supporting you along the way. We are committed to creating results through consistency, commitment, intention, and, sustainability.